I am a hobby photographer on Bowen Island, B.C., primarily exploring the beauty of nature as seen through a macro lens (for close-up photography). I normally use a Nikon D800 camera with a Nikkor AF-S 105 mm 2.8G lens with extension tubes.

There is wonderful beauty that can be captured in scenic photos. But I’m drawn to the particular—for me, an abstract close up of a Japanese Iris can be as compelling as a stunning scenic photo. The exploration of beauty through the lens is a form of meditation, often leading to amazement as I’m surprised by something I couldn’t see with my normal vision.

I’ve long been interested in the Impressionist painters’ way of seeing the world. They explored light, colour, and line more than a literal representation of a scene. I’m looking for the same—for interesting, even abstract, compositions that reveal themselves in the lens. Often it’s not readily apparent what flower or leaf or seed pod I’m looking at, but the way the light, colour, tone, and line come together makes me want to press the shutter release and record the moment.

Mary Oliver, a Pullitzer-Prize-winning poet, wrote: “My work is loving the world…which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished” (from the poem “Messenger” in Thirst 2006). She also wrote: “Instructions for living a life. / Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it” (from the poem “Sometimes” in Red Bird 2008). On this site are photographs that are the result of such moments—abstract macro photography that I hope delights you like it has me.

Photographs and books go hand in hand. I am a partner in Thumbprint Books Inc where we shape corporate and personal stories and photographs into distinctive books.

— Larry Adams, Bowen Island, B.C., Canada