Surprised by Light

I Love the Imagination of Light

John O’Donahue writes, “I love the imagination of light: how gradually light will build a mood for the eye to discover something new.…This glimpse serves to deepen the presence of [what we’re seeing] and remind the eye that surface can be subtle and surprising.” (Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, p. 34)

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Risk: Not Knowing What Will Happen

Mountain climber Jim Haberl wrote, “Adventure.…By committing to adventure, stepping out of my comfort zone, I accept that unforeseeable things are bound to happen. For me, that unknown element is a large part of the attraction of any mountain climbing…. “…by exposing myself to such dynamic situations I experience beautiful, sometimes extraordinary, moments. Those moments […]

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Amazed at dusk

Last night I was amazed by how the light at dusk played with a group of dying tulips. The tulips were primarily a muted purple when in full bloom, but as they are shriveling, the blue pigment is becoming more pronounced. The light at dusk magnified the blueness, so that some of the photographs remind me of water…

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