Risk: Not Knowing What Will Happen

Mountain climber Jim Haberl wrote, “Adventure.…By committing to adventure, stepping out of my comfort zone, I accept that unforeseeable things are bound to happen. For me, that unknown element is a large part of the attraction of any mountain climbing….

“…by exposing myself to such dynamic situations I experience beautiful, sometimes extraordinary, moments. Those moments could not have been part of my life if I hadn’t accepted the risk of following the passion in my heart.

“Risk is the process of engaging in an activity without the security of knowing the consequences of your decision. When I set out to climb a mountain, there is a powerful appeal based on the uncertainty of the outcome. If it were a sure thing, then the attraction would diminish.…

“There is nothing more rewarding than taking a risk and succeeding.…Success is intoxicating, and each accomplishment is merely a milestone on a longer journey.” (Risking Adventure: Mountaineering Journeys Around the World, pp. 1–2)

I feel something of the same when I start a photo shoot. I don’t know if I’ll find any images that will be worth keeping, let along sharing with you. At the same time, there is hope that I will be surprised and discover a composition that I’ve never seen before — and that I may never see again. May it will happen — that’s what encourages me to set up the shoot and start exploring. Maybe it will happen again….

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