Intrigued by Rock Abstracts

At Talus Lodge on the border between British Columbia and Alberta, I was intrigued by abstracts in the rocks plus highlights provided by lichen (in addition to enjoying the high alpine hikes and wildflowers). Each square metre of the glacial deposits offered one interesting rock abstract after another. I could only capture a fraction of them. 

I was reminded of the following quote from The Wild Birds by Wendell Berry: “Such a little piece of the world as he has before him now would be worth a man’s long life, watching and listening. And then he could go two hundred feet and live again another life, listening and watching, and his eyes would never be satisfied with seeing, nor his ears filled with hearing. Whatever he saw could be seen only by looking away from something else equally worth seeing. ‘I could stay here a long time,’ he thinks. ‘I could stay here a long time'” (p. 82).

In four series on this site you can see representative photos of the rock abstracts that intrigued me. Many of the photos are of areas no larger than a square inch or two. The first series is of abstracts that remind me of etchings or drawings — created by lichen and other natural “materials” playing with the rock; this series of abstracts reminds me of a lonely shrub, a volcano, a mountain peak, and gestural drawings. The second series is of abstracts on flatter surfaces with angular elements. The third series and the fourth series are of abstracts that feel more organic and are less angular.